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Two-year-old recovering from rattlesnake bites

By Sherrie Williams
Two-year-old Brenli Sharp is home from the hospital recovering from snake bites.

When Cadi Sharp ended her day at work last Thursday at United Regional Emergency Room where she is a nurse, she had no idea she would soon be returning with her daughter Brenli as the patient.

The two arrived at their home in the area of FM 367/368 around 8 p.m., with Brenli holding her Mommy’s hand they made their way to the front door.

When Cadi pulled the screen open she heard a rattle and quickly threw Brenli behind her, as she knew that sound came from a snake.

Cadi slammed the screen shut and carried her daughter back to the car where she inspected her for possible snake bite. Sure enough, Cadi saw two puncher wounds on the top of her right foot.

In a flash Cadi thought, “should I call an ambulance or rush my baby to the hospital on my own.” That instant Cadi decided she would drive her. She quickly got Brenli settled in her car seat and the drive to the hospital started.

Cadi called ahead to the emergency room, so they were prepared and waiting their arrival.

When they arrived Brenli’s foot was already swollen.

Cadi said it was after their arrival at emergency room when she was taking Brenli’s shoe off she noticed her big toe had also been bitten.

“Her It was on the very tip of her big toe on her left foot,” said Cadi.

Cadi had called her husband Trent with the sad news that their baby was bitten by a snake.

After six vials of anti-venom were administered Brenli was transported by ambulance to Cooks Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth and another 12 was given while she was in Cooks.

Cadi rode the ambulance with Brenli and Trent went to their home to grab a few items the family would need at the hospital.

When Trent arrived he was prepared for an encounter with the snake.

Sure enough the snake was still right where it was when it bit Benli because when Cadi slammed the screen door shut she trapped the snake’s head between the two doors.

“Trent killed it dead, dead. He was angry at the snake. We did keep the rattles. The snake was three or four feet long,” said Cadi.

The stay in the hospital was stressful for the family as Brenli was often stuck with needles to test her blood for the venom level.

“I knew they had to do it, but I still hated seeing her stuck,” said Cadi.

The venom traveled up Brenli’s right leg to just below her waist, which caused massive swelling. The swelling on her left leg stopped just above her ankle.

It is a miracle the left leg didn’t swell as high up as the right. The doctor said he had no idea why it didn’t,” said Cadi. “I do. It’s a God thing.”

Brenli’s right leg is still swollen to her thigh area.

She was released from Cooks Children’s Hospital Monday afternoon.

Her pediatrician in Wichita Falls Dr. Kenneth Sultemeier will provide follow up treatment.

“Dr. Sultemeier called us while we were in Cooks to check on Brenli. He has agreed to check her blood and if she needs more anti-venom it can be administered at United Regional. It takes a very long time for all the venom to get out of the system, so her blood will be checked Wednesday, yesterday, and again in a week,” said Cadi. “If the venom level gets high she could bleed out.”

With the family home they will be on an even higher alert for snakes.

Last year their dog was bitten by a snake and survived.

This year they have killed five or six snakes in their backyard, but have never seen a snake in their front yard or near the house.

However, there have been numerous reports of snakes this year, many in areas snakes are not normally found.

Cadi’s co-workers have setup fundraisers to help the family with expenses, as the anti-venom is very expensive.

A go fund me account has been set up and they are selling t-shirts which can be ordered on-line.

The go fund me link is and the t-shirt link is

“Thank you to everyone who has supported us and given prayers. They have helped immensely and we are so appreciative,” said Cadi, as her emotions spilled over.